Astrology Full and New Moon Guide: The StarPathways Lunations Guide

The StarPathways Lunations Guide created by Elizabeth Jones lists the current year's 12 New Moons and 12 Full Moons along with key information about the energies and influences of each. Each of these lunations has a unique celestial energy that applies to all people and signs. By attuning yourself to those energies and bringing them into your awareness during the few days around a New or Full Moon, you will be in greater sync with the natural order of things and more in balance with the rhythms of nature.

The Lunations Guide was created for anyone interested in tuning into the astrological energies of the Full and New Moons. Regardless of your knowledge level of astrology, you will understand and gain insights using The Lunations Guide. It is 2-sided, 8-1/2 x 11 sheet, laminated for durability and protection, and costs $9.95 each.

On The Lunations Guide is:

  • A color-keyed analysis to help you tune into and use the energies of New Moons and Full Moons.
  • The date, time and sign for each of the 12 New Moons for the year on the front side and for the 12 Full Moons on the back side.
  • Key information for the energy of each New Moon and each Full Moon of the current year.
  • What to focus on and beware of during each one, as well as the key energies present.

"How convenient to have all the new and full moons for the year listed in one place. And the interpretations are clear, informative and useful." ~ Roberta Street, astrologer

"This is a great tool for anyone who notices an influx of energy during a New or Full moon. The Lunations Guide offers valuable insights into how to best tune into and use the unique energies of each!" ~ Suzanne Carol

"I'll be giving the Lunations Guide to all my friends who are interested in astrological influences. It is clear, helpful and offers a unique way to better understand the way New and Full moons affect me." ~ A. L. Martin

"The Lunations Guide gives on a single sheet information that I have yet to see in one place. Now I have it all at my fingertips! I look forward to reading the insights it provides each month." ~ Miguel Lopez, Astrologer

"Elizabeth has demystified and clarified the influences of the New and Full Moons in a way I can understand and apply, even though I am not an astrologer." ~ Alisa Chandler

Elizabeth writes two monthly astrology columns and creates unique products such as the Astro-Event Guide and this valuable new resource for astrologers.

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