Which Planet are You?

One of the most fascinating phenomenons that I've observed about the workings of Astrology, is the way that we each tend to personify the energy of a particular planet.

The Ruling Planet

Some of this is obvious, such as the way that we will tend to "be" a ruling planet. For example, we may personify Venus if we are a Libran or have Libra rising. In a great many ways one could view the Libran as the incarnation of the goddess Venus, straight from the annals of mythology.

Subjective vs. Objective Experience

This, however, is primarily a subjective experience. We can experience ourselves as being passive, nature-loving, affectionate, etc., and for us, this will be the truth. We may find though, that those around us will disagree entirely about the prominence of these characteristics.

Who are You Attracting?

It is truly remarkable that we will attract people into our lives who will represent certain planetary energies for us. Perhaps the most obvious representation of this, is when we find someone to play Saturn in our personal life drama.

Saturn in the Chart

It's easy to understand why we might want someone else to be Saturn for us, rather that embodying that energy on our own. Particularly if we're having a problem accepting responsibility for some aspect of our lives, we may attract a Saturnine personality to come into it and start giving orders, making judgements or having larger expectations of us than we're accustomed to. Many of us will find this being acted out by an employer.

The Lack of Projection

This situation may be more apparent in its lack than in its presence. The self-employed individual, the person in a position requiring personal initiative, or even the one whose livlihood depends upon the quality of their daily performance (such as a commission-paid salesperson) is often being their own Saturn. To look into their heads, is to find "the boss" possibly being more demanding than any boss in the external world could be.

Using Someone Else

If we want someone to rebel against, which is most often a lack of taking responsibility for our own choices, we will also draw a Saturnian person into our experience. This may be a spouse or other family member to whom we can do the opposite of what they need or want from us. We can resent their "bossiness" and feel self-righteous in ignoring their demands. This occurs when we want to express our own Uranian energies but don't quite dare do it openly.

Being Used

Do you have a relationship where the other person seems to understand you in only one context, making you feel rather one-dimensional? Then this person is probably projecting their need for you to fulfill a requirement in their psyche that they cannot or will not provide for themselves. This isn't entirely negative, as we are all being teachers and students for each other. If this is your situation, it can be helpful to understand what the personification of your image is being for that person. Most likely, it is something which is prominent in your chart and is repressed or under- emphasized in the other's horoscope. Your opportunity here is to develop this trait for yourself even more than it already is. Make that part of you more well-rounded and expressive. Show your friend that there is more to you than the single aspect of personhood he/she is seeing in you. Thus, both of you can gain from the experience.

Is There a Point to This?

Remember, we each attract each other into our lives to complete and fulfill our destinies and experiences. Being aware of the reflective nature of our personal astrology chart can aid us in understanding those relationships that may have us perplexed or may appear to be less rewarding than they should be. We can take conscious charge of our experience when we choose to experience our chart as a map of our relationships and how they contribute to our growth. We can also find the necessary balance in these reflections to cooperatively enhance each others' growth.