Creating Freedom: The Choices of Saturn and Uranus

Many, many people in our world feel trapped by some part of their own lives. They feel locked in, and limited in choices. What we know, as metaphysicians, is that this is purely a matter of belief and perception. It has little to do with reality, though we will hear these people howl with indignation at the idea that their situation is of their own creation and could indeed, be different.

What is the difference between the people I've described above and the free spirits in our world, who lightly travel the roads that others trudge, who dance among a whirlwind of choices while those around them are locked into one option?

In large measure, the difference is in the handling of Saturn and Uranus energies. Saturn is about caution, responsibility, and structure, while Uranus is about freedom, progress and individuality. Let's take a look at an imaginery dialogue between these two:

Saturn: This is what I have to do. I have this family, job, house payment, bosses' expectations of me, and the fact that my family and peers have always lived this way. I have no choice, this is how it must be.

Uranus: I am my own person. I can live my life in whatever way works for me. I can be self-employed, be a house-husband, travel with the baby in my backpack or have an open marriage. Those who disapprove of me need not watch.

Saturn: That just isn't possible for me. It is my duty to be here in this place, doing what I am doing whether I like it or not.

Uranus: I won't be there simply because it's expected of me. In fact, I won't be there *because* it's expected of me. No one tells me what to do!

You see the differences between these two and how either one can be carried to extremes. Since we're talking about the trapped individual though, we'll be focusing on Saturn.

Few of us would feel comfortable without any reliable structures in our lives, no matter how unfettered we might be. But too often, the structures of Saturn will become prisons instead of foundations, and we cannot truly live in such a situation. What follows is a contemplation exercise that you can do to help you to find your way out of these structures so that hopefully, they can be redesigned with a more human factor involved.

Find a quiet and secluded moment. This will not always be necessary for this exercise but it helps for the first time around. Close your eyes and imagine the person who is closest to you. This may be a partner or a child, a friend or sibling. Imagine that each one of the opinions, ideas or needs that they have shared with you is a sticky piece of flypaper. Each one has stuck to you somewhere on your body. Now, imagine that you have a big bottle of "SuperSolvent! The Amazing Solution that dissolves any sticky substance in the World!".

See yourself dribbling a bit of SuperSolvent on one of those sticky pieces of flypaper and watch it slide right off of you. If you need to see it go somewhere, imagine that it is returning to the person who originated it. Feel that bit of open space in your area where it used to be. Continue doing this with each piece of flypaper.

It can be very therapeutic to perform this exercise with every person you spend time with, then your childhood associates and family members as well. You may repeat this exercise whenever you're feeling closed in. In this way, you have the opportunity to fully examine the beliefs, attitudes, ideas and conceptual structures that make up your reality. Thus, you may find the freedom of a fully self-created reality.