Denton – Spa Massage Training in Washington

Denton is one of the finest massage schools in WA offering spa massage training as one of their continuing education electives.

With more people interested in alternative health and wellness, Health Spas throughout the state and US are gaining in popularity. Who wouldn’t love a spa treatment!

At Denton the massage therapy Spa Certification program builds skills with various spa specialties

You will learn how to do bodywraps and the ancient art of hot stone massage where you use different hot stones with different massage techniques to create a state of balance and deep relaxation

Denton also has a wellness Clinic where you can experience working with clients as part of your training.

Arlington Massage Therapy Certification Program

If you have thought about beginning a new career you will be happy to know the field of health and wellness therapies is a growing industry, and will continue to grow with the aging baby boomers.

Denton Massage School offers an excellent program for earning your certification. This fine Arlington school is an excellent choice for those contemplating a new career in the health and wellness field.

Some of the areas that are covered in Denton’s massage certification program includes education and training in:

  • Swedish massage techniques
  • Medical terminology
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Deep tissue & myofascial techniques
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Cyriax cross fiber friction
  • Stages of inflammation
  • Various medical conditions

Denton has provided students with the education, training and tools necessary to become successful in the health care field of massage therapy. Their admission representatives are ready to provide you all the information needed to begin your education with the goal of becoming a licensed therapist in this well recognized therapy field. A financial aid representative can also help you apply for financial assistance to determine if you qualify. If the thought of stretching your budget to meet living expenses and school fees seems out of reach, financial aid may be possible.

You can easily learn more about Denton Massage College’s 721 hours (plus 25 outside hours) Massage Therapy Certification Program and Continuing Education Spa Training Program.


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