Awakening the Senses: Gaia & A Visionary's Path

I can see eternity in a single flower.

I can hear its presence in a single petal.

I can taste forever in a single rose.

I can hear the spirit of life itself.

I feel that the average individual does not often pay enough attention to the world around them. I feel it is not a simple explanation of paying attention such as a mother would with her child or a man to his machine it is far greater than this. Indeed, it is too easy to pay attention to a teacher if he is teaching the things you enjoy. However, try listening attentively to this same person, if what he is saying is of no interest to you. Soon you will find your mind wandering onto other subjects, such as what to get for tea or is Jane buying that new dress she spoke about.

Unfortunately, in some cases the pupil will waken when the teacher has finished his lecture and everyone is leaving the class. However, the attention of which I am speaking belongs on a much deeper level than this simple explanation and covers many areas.

One of my most enjoyable pastimes is to ascend a high rock just behind my home. Here for anyone to see is a breathtaking three-sixty vista of the whole of Cairns. Now it is no easy thing to walk up this hill, as it is rather steep. Often on my journey, I will see many unfit walkers huffing and puffing as they make the accent (myself included). So engrossed in their effort of climbing this small mountain that their eyes are only focused on the path ahead as they press on in diligent perseverance. The only sound they hear is their own breathing as they huff and puff up the hill, and the only thing they may be aware of are the many thoughts racing endlessly through their minds. One of these thoughts is probably "I hope I will lose that extra kilo by climbing such a hill." It happens to us all.

It does not surprise me to learn by casual inquiry, that many walkers do notice the fragrance of the exotic and enticing aromas wafting around them in great profusion as they progress along the path. Often, if asked if they saw the swallows flitting off the rock or drifting in delightful swoops below the mountain, they will express surprise and state they had never noticed them before.

Many are not able to identify the various birds singing brightly and happily as they go about their business, or for that matter enjoy the diverse sounds these lovely creatures make, which reverberate deep within the soul on a far deeper level. And I often wonder if they even notice these same tiny beings flitting about in the trees in an absolute joy of life? And is it possible the many butterflies clothed in brilliant colours seen dancing above the wild flowers, are forgotten as these determined walkers scurry and toil in their efforts to ascend the mountain?

Indeed there is nature all around us if we are truly observant. Flame trees throw their blooms downward as the wind drifts across their massive branches and the display is enchantment to the thirsty soul. Yet as each one of us struggles gallantly to ascend this small mountain maybe we are missing the glory of these wondrous things in our struggles to reach the summit.

Take the time to go outside and look, feel, hear, smell and taste all that is around you now this very minute. Take time to sit on the grass, sand, or dirt for that matter. Look at a blade of grass or a leaf from a tree, do not just lift it up and put it down again, no, truly look at it. Feel it, smell it, and even taste it. This tiny blade of grass or leaf is alive. Each minute, intricate weave it has created in its growth, has life within. It has essence, and it has presence, it is a living being.

Now look at the trees and grass in their totality. Can you not feel and see the very essence of their life field abiding inside and around them? Be silent within and wait. Soon you will realise that the very earth is a living being, it has great power.

I can remember when I was travelling with my friend; we had avoided the main tourist pathways and travelled to out of the way places where we knew others would not disturb us. Then we had pitched our tent and lived as nature intended we should. This was my first encounter of living out-of- doors for any length of time and although I had been able to undertake such an adventure when a child with great delight, I was somewhat dubious about this at my late age I can tell you. However, it did not take long to realise that something wonderful was happening to my awareness, and soon I became aware of many things that I had left behind in those far off days of childhood.

Gradually, mindfulness deep and profound came upon me. I became consciously aware of the presence of rain by just the look, feel, and atmosphere that the trees radiated toward me in steady outward momentum. There was an air of expectancy, which I had never noticed before. In fact, these large stately eucalyptus trees reminded me of children waiting for the school bell or tea to come their way. Indeed the closer rain came, the more urgency was observed. The birds would suddenly become more talkative and the whole place would be alive with heavenly voices as they sang their praises out to the very heavens.

Then, just as suddenly as they had spoken, there would be a palatable silence and down would come the rain. It was if they had asked the rain to come, indeed sometimes it looked as if this was actually the case, as beforehand the sky would often be quite clear.

Those trees were alive, are alive.

The grass, plants, and the very air are throbbing with an energy far exceeding anything we have been led to realise. The birds, insects and animals of any kind are part of this beat, they are in constant communion with nature and we can feel this energy vibrating within us like strings plucked on a guitar, only requiring that silence of attention which each of us have within to feel this presence.

The world, gaia, is a living breathing being, which talks and communicates with each of us constantly. What a wonderful gift this is.

I believe it is true when the sages and great men have said there is a Presence. It is true when they talk about a collective unconscious, for this energy is all around and within each of us every single minute of our life, and before any one of us can truly become enlightened we must reconnect with this presence.

Lets walk again, but this time become aware of all that is around us, from a flowering tree, to a bird singing on a branch. Really notice, not just look, then turn away. Let us take the time to feel and hear these presences, smell and taste them, in your mind, your heart, your spirit. Take some time to be alone in nature and see what you can feel.

Let us make feeling the first lesson on our journey through this wonderful world. Find time to make a note within your mind. Alternatively, if you prefer, write this feeling down. Poetry is a wonderful way of expressing the feeling of the moment. What do you feel when you touch a rose? Feel its texture, smell it, taste it, even listen to it. The listening is the focus or attention; it is not something you can hear in audible sounds. It is listening to eternity.

By Rosalee

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