Unity and Oneness: The Only Answer to War and Terrorism?

The events of September 11th and what has transpired since then have reinforced the belief that as long as there remains labels to defend, there will always be war and terrorism. As long as people continue to identify themselves with their nationality, religion, race, color, political party, or family history we will continue to see these kinds of things exist in our world.

The answer lies in unity. The answer lies in the knowledge of the nature of reality. If people like Bin Laden grew up on the knowledge of oneness from early childhood they simply would be incapable of committing these sorts of acts against others. The lack of knowledge of who we really are keeps people entangled in fear and looking for answers outside of themselves.

Religions and governments were put into place for this exact reason. Without the knowledge of the nature of reality and who we are, we remain ignorant no matter how much earthly knowledge we may acquire. It keeps us looking outside of ourselves for our sense of identity, our sense of direction, and our sense of right and wrong.

Only when we acquire the knowledge and understanding of who we are, and how we create, can we begin to take charge of our lives and take responsibility for our actions. The fact is that at the core of our being our existence is being generated (given life) by the same source as all life in the universe. In that sense we are all one. This life exists and perpetuates itself according to certain laws of nature. We can all learn to work within and with those laws to create whatever reality we want, individually and en masse.

This is the basic knowledge that is missing and has always been missing in the knowledge banks of most human beings. As we look through history we have seen an evolution taking place bringing more and more of us closer to this knowledge, but it has been a slow go. Maybe in this age of lightning speed information we will be able to make the same rapid progress in understanding the nature of reality as we have made in other areas in the last century.

The current levels of ignorance and counterproductive belief systems have been around for ages and will require a major shift in the psyche of today's men and women. The only thing we can do as individuals is acquire and understand this knowledge for ourselves and pass it on whenever we can. One by one ignorance shall be enlightened. One only hopes before it's too late.

By Michael Carpenter