An Inspirational Short Story: A Serene Atmosphere to Savor

It is always a pleasure to go out to a nice restaurant with friends and enjoy a good meal.

We arrive at the restaurant where the Maitre d' greets us with a friendly welcome and shows us to a table. We have the best view in the house overlooking a wonderful garden filled with exotic plants and flowers. We then receive the menu filled with delectable mouth watering dishes. Such an array of food to chose from. We make our choices and indulge in meaningful talk whilst we wait for our food to arrive. Just as the first course is being served a pianist starts to play romantic music. Ah! what a delightful ambiance is being served to a receptive mind.

We dine out in style on a few occasions in the year. Mostly to celebrate an anniversary of some kind or other. Why do we not dine in style every evening in our own homes? Why wait for the few special occasions? No matter how simple the meal we can make it into a fine dining experience. We can play our favorite music and be serenaded by Gypsy Violins lighting the flames of passion. Serene Harps taking us to heavenly realms, or vocals such as Frank Sinatra flying us to the moon. Each night we invite a different guest artist to entertain us just by switching on a C D or tape deck. We can light a candle and dine by candlelight. If the view outside is not conducive to the ambiance then we can buy a few pictures of a wonderful scene to hang on our walls. We can experiment with new and different recipes. What fun we can have cooking up new dishes. We can have theme evenings and try all types of ethnic foods. We can create our own special occasion every night of the week.

Once we start to get in the habit of creating our own reality we can expand it to all areas of our lives. We awaken each morning to a new adventure. We take a shower and close our eyes. We are under a magnificent waterfall on a magical island. As the water gushes down on our bodies we are lifted to a majestic domain. What a great refreshing start to our day.

On the way to work we find we are stuck in a traffic jam. We have tranquil music playing from our CD and we look at the clouds as they drift on by until the traffic starts to move again. We arrive at work full of Vigor and Vim. Our new found Spirit is picked up by all around and we find work becomes a place of fun and excitement.

Each day we find new ways to make our ambiance more comfortable and invigorating. Our whole way of being takes on a new texture. A new realization that we live in a field of infinite possibilities. Sure things will come along to disturb our serenity. We will get a few folks who are jealous of our world and try to dismantle our tower of perfection. There are times when sudden unexpected news or events can shake up our composure and balance. We find no matter what the event or circumstance we do not leave our ambiance for too long.

They say God helps them that help themselves. We all have the ability and capacity to change the way we view the world around us. We may not be able to make a negative person think more positively. We cannot change world events. We cannot stop the sensationalist media machine.

We cannot stop the brainwashing from government or large corporations. But we can and must change the way we have been programmed to live a life of worry, anxiety, fear, jealousy and hatred. To rely on just the truths within our programmed mind will give us a narrow and distorted view of life. universal truths don't lie to us, ours sometimes do and the results can be quite catastrophic.

By attaching to the wholeness of nature, by understanding we are an eternal energy force, which is part of the quantum stream of infinity we can bathe in the ambiance of the world we create. To stay in a central position within the universal flow is essential for a balanced life. To understand that keeping centered is the only way we can be directed by Spirit's dimensions into a creative fulfilling coexistence with nature. We become aware our bodies are made from all of natures ingredients. We can tune into our heart, our lungs, our liver and know if they are happy. If we feel any pain we understand a change of our living habits is in order. A change of diet, a change of thought, the breaking of addictions that our bodies do not like but our mis-conditioned mind craves.

In silence we tune into the eternal truth. Once we are connected we will not stray away for too long, for we find the results of our master's soundless voice leads to a very successful life on Earth. We can make a real difference to everyone and everything we touch. A smile directed at an unhappy face will turn that face into a happy one.

We owe it to our dearly departed loved ones to carry their Spirit inside ourselves in a state of joyful harmony. It is selfish to do otherwise. For the sake of everyone, including ourselves we should not let one-second go "bye" without being in a happy state of mind.

No matter where we are or what we are doing, our soul lives in a mystical, magic state and that is our eternal home both in life and death. So let's not wait until death. Let's enjoy life and create our own ambiance with our soul decorating our state of mind. When we can create our air of ambiance with every breath we take, we will live in an atmosphere to savor. Our senses are alive with the melodies of the soul. Sing along in harmony and contentment. If we do not know the words then we just OMMMmmmm.

By Michael Levy