Are We Mythical Weavers? Challenging the Myths

It is interesting to reflect on some of the 'myths' that we have been brought up with and weaved together. We may assume what is being communicated to us must be truth, for, why would we be told otherwise. It is easy to buy the party line and not rock the boat. Yet, when we dig a little deeper or actually see whether or not these 'myths' are reflected in our lives, we might just begin to wonder. Now, of course, we might not want to look deeper at the myths we weave, but when we do, we may find something more valuable than what we could ever imagine, ourselves.

For example, we once believed that the world was flat, but now we know differently.

When the Pope announced that hell is not an actual place (and he did), but rather a state of mind, one might begin to wonder. And a myth is challenged.

We sometimes act as if there is not enough in our world and that we must hoard what we get. Yet how many blades of grass are there on the ground or leaves on a tree. Yes, one begins to wonder, and another myth is challenged...

We're told that death is the end, yet countless souls who have communicated from the 'other side' tell us that life does not end, but only continues. One begins to wonder and another myth is challenged.

Our society acts as if that its thoughts are not real, yet we all continue to create our realities every day. One begins to wonder. And another myth is challenged.

I believe that we must honestly look at our world and expose things for what they are, or are not. How can we really live in our world and not view it objectively? It is easy and many do. Perhaps it is time to shatter the illusions under which we have lived and step up to the next level. I often have to ask myself, 'Is what I see, reality?' In the book, "The Holographic Universe", it relates how what we are currently viewing through our eyes is really not there at all. The impulses of light and matter are constantly changing and by the time our brain registers what we 'see,' what we have seen, is gone, it no longer exists.

I remember in a dream that I once had, I saw a man standing not too far from me. I was lucid in the dream (aware that I was dreaming). I walked over to him, took my hand and poked it through him. He did not really exist.

He was just a figment of my dream world. Yet, I realized this is just how it can be in our waking state. How willing are we to poke holes through the concepts and 'truths' we have grown up with? When we challenge what we think is 'truth', it too may not be there at all.

It is easy to follow the mythical weavers of the past. I am reminded of a story of a young married couple fixing dinner. The wife was in the kitchen fixing a roast. Her husband was in the kitchen helping her. He noticed that before she put the roast in the pan, she cut off the end of it and tossed it aside. Perplexed, the husband asked her why she had done this. She replied, "Well, it is what my mother always did!" So, the wife went to her mother and asked her why she always cut off the end of the roast before putting in the pan. She replied, "Well, it is what my mother always used to do!" So, the young wife finally went to her grandmother and asked her, "Grandma, why did you cut off the end of your roast before putting in the pan?" She replied, "Because the pan was too small."

This story illustrates how we do things just because that is the way they have always been done without reasoning why. Yet, approaching life in this way can lead, obviously to the same type of results throughout one's life. When we approach life with awareness and intention, we can expect different results.

So, when we ask ourselves, "Is this how life really is?," we open a new door with new possibilities. There is a saying that, "The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality." When someone says that some thing or situation, 'is impossible,' then the universe goes out of its way to create that reality. On the other hand, when we intend that life is full of 'limitless possibilities,' it begins to create a framework for that too!

We do not question the so-called 'miracle' of radio and TV waves being broadcast into our homes. While we may not see the waves, we do see and/or hear the results. Just as in the arena of alternative healing today, we may not fully understand or see the great flow of healing energy that flows around us, yet, we see the results. Being a Reiki Master, I have experienced numerous times, someone telling me how the healing energy of Reiki has helped them. One lady had lymphatic cancer and claimed that the Reiki energy dramatically reduced the cancer in her body after many Reiki treatments.

Her doctors dubbed her their 'miracle baby' because she had made such a dramatic improvement in her condition. A gentleman came for Reiki treatments because he had headaches almost daily. After coming for a short Reiki session for several weeks, the headaches disappeared. As a channel for healing energy, I am not attached to the results, rather, I let the results speak for itself.

When one has a personal experience with something, no one can take that away from you. Personal experience along with intuition makes all the difference in defining what truth is for you in your world. As we challenge ourselves to see what's 'out there,' we may only find that all-knowing is inside. As we have been told, so many times, "The kingdom of heaven is within." So, in the end, all we really need to do is find and then, trust ourselves. Our bodies have been call a microcosm of the universe. Is our mind and spirit any less? Tap into your consciousness which is the Divine. Experience the flow of truth from within and challenge the mythical weaving in your life.

Dave Lappin is a Reiki Master, writer, teacher, speaker and artist. He was formerly the Director of the School of Metaphysics in St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri. He has lectured to groups all over the Midwest on a variety of metaphysical topics. He was the former host of the cable TV program, "Mind: Your Business". Dave is employed as a graphic designer. He designs websites, as well. He and his wife, Brenda, are co-founders of The Center for Intuitive Development and Healing in Springfield, Missouri.

By Dave Lappin