Roots of Consciousness: The River of Connectivity

Is it not amazing to your human perception to know that you are always and instantly connected with that which is the web of consciousness that connects all aspects of creation? You are always connected just beyond the veil of that which appears to be so tangible and solid within the physical, connected to that which goes beyond and interlinks and connects all that exists.

That is an amazing perception from the human perspective, but from the perspective of the consciousness of unity and oneness, it is not so amazing for it is the simple statement of the reality of all that is. As you merge with that greater sense of unity within, it is indeed like going into the cavern of consciousness. It is indeed like going within to the center of that which is the physical, mental, and emotional, and then going beyond that center to the great expanse of the infinite statement of creation that you are.

That is the process of going within. It is like moving into that which appears to be solid and then expanding into that which has no solidity, which has no substance. It is simply the flow of consciousness.

We welcome you on this day, at this moment of entering into that inner realm where there is indeed the river of the conscious connectivity that brings all that is into focus. This is a day of celebration, but is not every moment a moment of celebration? For to celebrate simply means to recognize that which is the connecting link, that which is the unity of all, that which is the oneness of all. Celebrating Life, celebrating Love, celebrating Light.

We welcome you to this day, to this moment and know that within the context of this very moment, you are awakening and remembering the roots of consciousness that go deep within, that are sprouting and delivering the fruit of the tree of eternal life, the tree of eternal existence, the tree of truth. As these blossoms appear, as the tree comes into full magnificence, you see that the same root of consciousness lies within the depths of every soul.

As you walk through your life experience, observe that blossoming tree of awareness within each and every soul. Recognize the fruits of that tree as a smile is offered, as a helping hand is extended, as Love is shared, as Light radiates, as there is a merging of conscious understanding of the process of the flow of life energy.

Celebrate this present moment. Celebrate every moment as you recognize and fulfill that which is the pathway of awakening to the oneness you are with all that is.

You are I AM, the Love, the Light, and the Life of creation.

By John Otis and Cheryl Hyland