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The Art of Channeling and The Anatomy of Spirit

Channeling is an art. All psychic activity (mental/spiritual activity) is creative. It is the process of co-creating with God, using one's thoughts and intentions for the purpose of spiritual growth not just for oneself, but for all. That is, by increasing your own awareness, you raise the consciousness of all humans around you. For example: The spiritual, physical and mental activities of Dr. Martin Luther King and those involved in the civil rights movement, raised the consciousness of everyone in the United States and the world to the inequitable division of classes, and the moral issues therein. The 60's were a giant leap forward in our collective consciousness as were the renaissances of eras of cultures past.

Channeling very simply, is the process of retrieving information from Spirit Guides and Helpers, Angels, the aura, the subconscious mind and/or a combination of all of the above. This can take many different forms, such as, trance channeling or clairaudience. What you may or may not know is that they, those spirit guides etc, are you.

This is how channeling works: Guides have a distinct name and anatomy. For example, Michael is an Arch Angel and many, many people channel him. He is an aspect of the finer part of their consciousness, that is, they are him and he is them. Here is a crude but simple analogy: Think of your hand, it has a name and a distinct anatomy, yet it is a part of your body. Michael is a part of the spiritual body of those that channel him, with a distinct name and anatomy. Unlike the hand however, those angelic beings around us are much more vital to the existence and sustenance of the entire body. Unlike the hand, with which we are acutely aware of, many can not even fathom the depth of wisdom and compassion that already exists in their spiritual bodies, (I hope you're still with me). So at least for me, when I have the honor of channeling for someone, I am speaking with that compassion and wisdom that is already a part of him or her. How beautiful we all are! So know that nothing exists outside your self that is not already present within. The entire kingdom of heaven exists in the hearts, minds and souls of every one of us.

We are all psychic. I'm sure you've heard that before, and it's true. Some people are just more "tuned in" than others, that is, the degree of clarity with which they receive information. I've heard a renowned psychic say something to the effect that anyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone is Mozart. It is true that not everyone has the temperament or the desire to be a professional psychic. However, that does not invalidate the loving information that is all around you that you can divine for yourself. No one person is more valued than another. Our gifts are meant to be shared with all of the divine Father/Mother kingdoms. Psychic or Intuitive capabilities are a part of o ur divine inheritance, what Gary Zukav calls, "multi-sensory perception."

Your intuition is not your imagination. Those tugs and pulls in your solar plexus, those moments of clarity and inspiration, are but a glimpse of the on going communication that you are having with an alive and loving Universe/God or whatever you choose to call that ineffable other.

By Krista Magidson