You Can Make Your Own Organic Aromatherapy Oils - Instructions To Make Essential Oils

The use of organic aromatherapy oils is becoming more widespread, as they are a natural and healthy substitute for the chemicals found in commercial air fresheners. But essential oils can be expensive-the more exotic the fragrance the higher the price tag. You can cut costs and ensure quality by making your own simple essential oils at home.

The instructions to make essential oils at home are basically the same no matter what the flower you are using. You will need base oil, usually sweet almond oil, or a coconut or jojoba based cream if you are making lotions. These and all the other ingredients can be found at your local co op or apothecary store. The shopkeeper will have a number of books to further you along, as well, but for now, here is the basic way to make your own flower based oil:

  1. One half cup of base oil.
  2. One cup of packed flower petals, the more fragrant, the better; Lavender or rose are both good choices for the beginner wanting instant gratification. (Or one quarter cup of freshly chopped or ground citrus peels, if you choose to make citrus scented oil.) You will need to have this same amount everyday for four days, so make sure you have enough before you start! If you want to make an organic oil, start with organic flowers or citrus.
  3. Ziploc baggies that seal tightly, not the fold over kind.
  4. Kitchen mallet or hammer; if you choose to use a kitchen mallet, have one just for use when making oils, so the scent doesn't permeate the wood.
  5. Two wide mouth mayonnaise jars-or if you want new ones, mason jars.
  6. A funnel.
  7. Glass jars with corks for storage; these can be any shape or color, just as long as you can drain the oil into the top with little trouble. Plastic is porous and not a good idea, and corks allow the oils to breath, so they are better than screw tops.
  8. Cheesecloth.
  9. For four days in a row, place the flower petals into the Ziploc bags and bruise them slightly using the mallet. Put the petals into one of the big mouth jars along with the almond oil and allow it to sit in a warm-not hot-place overnight. Transfer the oil through the cheesecloth into the other jar and, using fresh petals, repeat this process until you have a jar of oil and petals. On the last day, or the fifth morning, transfer the oil to your vanity jars using the funnel. If stored in a cool, dry place, your essential oils will last from six months to one year.

By going online, you can find classes and recipes for aromatherapy bath products, lotions, lip balm, and more in depth answers about organic aromatherapy oils and their uses.