Opening Yourself to Trust

Earning one another's trust is truly a challenge in today's world. We are bombarded by the media, by advertising, and by the entertainment industry with a constant flow of social programming that give us plenty of reasons to mistrust others. We hear about individuals committing crimes against friends and loved ones. We tune in to witness ploys and schemes hatched against others in order to win millions on reality TV shows. High profile political figures are accused of cheating on their spouses. It's no wonder we suffer from confusion and inner turmoil. After all, if we cannot completely reveal ourselves to trust those we love the most, then who can we trust?

Trust is in fact based on love, while mistrust stems from fear. Trusting others means trusting oneself first. Trust makes you vulnerable. It is to go within ourselves, taking risks in our lives by daring to reveal inner feelings, transcending our fears of being hurt again, trusting our intuition.

But more importantly, trust is a dynamic force that pushes us beyond our fears. In order to live a life in total harmony and walk on a path toward happiness, it is important to understand and capture the all-encompassing nature of trust. Trusting in the people around us is trusting that the universe supports us. It is an awareness that every step we take is safe, and that each situation we face is one step closer to inner peace and freedom.

To open yourself to more trust, spend just 10 minutes each day on the following ritual:

Sit quietly in front of your altar and clear your mind.

Light the "Peace" candle. Take 7 deep breaths.

Apply the following aromatic blend on your sacrum, 2nd and 3rd chakras (the abdomen and the solar plexus):

4 drops Cedarwood

4 drops Sandalwood

1 drop Rose

In a 10-ml bottle, pour the essential oils and then add organic vegetable oil to fill.

Say the following affirmation three times. "As I trust that the Universe is supporting me, I feel powerful and alive."

Take 7 deep breaths again.

By Françoise Rapp