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The Enjoyments of a Sound and Color Healing

Sound color healing is becoming the latest trend in alternative healing therapies. When working with sound and color, think of this combination as representing all elements in the universe since they are composed of electromagnetic energy, which vibrates at all the different frequencies known to man. Really, all things are made up of various degrees of vibration, which include the energies found in sound and color. Although white is colorless, being void of color doesn't mean that white does not have frequency and vibrational energy.

In reality, color is a bundle of wavelengths and the spectrum as we know it is made up of primary colors: magenta red, yellow, and cyan blue. When we wear one of our favorite colors, we usually feel better. We also may find that depending on our mood we might be attracted to wearing a different color of clothing.

Sound is vibrational frequency that is non visible and we all know how the beat and tempo of a song can effect our moods. When we are sad we might listen to an up tempo song to cheer us. When we are having a hard time concentrating, we might play a relaxing melody. Therefore, it makes sense that both color and sound could have healing properties.

Color and sound healing is reflected in another known system called the chakra system as represented in the chakra energy wheels. It is believed that this system represents the electromagnetic energy field of a living organism, which in our case is called the human aura.

If you were to receive a color and sound healing, the therapist would most likely work with one of the twelve basic colors most commonly used in this work, along with a complementary sound or tone to achieve a desired result. Some common colors in this system are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Emerald Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet
  • Seafoam Green, or Blue-Green
  • Pearlescence Violet or Pink
  • Gold

All these colors or rays are believed to possess certain qualities that can influence our energetic systems and may address our mental and emotional states in accordance to what the therapist feels is our optimal need. If you have yet to experience color therapy products and treatments you are in for a real treat. Your sound and color therapist will ask you about your overall well-being and also if you have any specific ailments you would like to treat. Once your therapist determines your treatment plan, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your nurturing sound and color healing session.

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