Therapy Using Light and Color Offers Help for Depression

Depression is a type of illness that involves a person's body, mind, and emotions and takes away his or her interest in life. In these circumstances it seems everything happens without any apparent reason. When depression becomes a problematic situation many doctors suggest the use of light therapy and depression can be alleviated to some degree if not fully eliminated. Light therapy is one of the best alternative therapies available for depression.

A depressive mood or state is not a condition where a patient is able to pull him or herself out off easily. Rather it is the point where the patient needs a proper therapy dealing with the symptoms for a particular span of time in order to help the patient come release the depressive state. It can be regarded as a type of mental illness that can involve both physical and mental embalances. It might result in feelings of worthlessness, lack of concentration, sudden emotional outbursts, sleep disorder, irritability and last but not the least an inability to maintain healthy interpersonal relations.

It has been proved that insufficient light and ill-timed outdoor light exposure are sometimes the causes of depression. Light therapy, and sometimes infra red heat therapy, aims at controlling the patient's secretion of melatonin from the brain by using the full-spectrum light that resembles the bright daylight or sunlight. Actually it acts as the sunlight whose absence is regarded to be the cause of depression. It can be done at home too by using a lampshade where the patient will not have to be conscious of its presence but the light is always there to create the same effect.

Depression should be handled carefully otherwise it may later pose to be a serious problem for the patient and the family members also. Light therapy and depression go hand in hand because the treatment is very effective at every stage of the illness.

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