Healing Ailments Through the Ages: The Power of Gem Stones

Healing with gem stones has been practiced for thousand of years among all caste, creed and religions around the globe. Some think this healing art is related to myth others relate it to magic and then there are those who rely on their intuition and information they gather from teachers, books, and informational sources to guide them. No matter what resources they rely on, we cannot ignore the fact that crystals, minerals, and gemstones have energetic properties that in turn may be able to effect and possibly heal many human issues and ailments.

Gemstones such as quartz, amethyst, agate, alexandrite, amber, amazonite, and others are very commonly thought of as having healing effects. For example amethyst might be incorporated into a chakra healing bracelet for psychic healing purposes; quartz is believed to possess power that can be used to assist in aiding symptoms found in eye related diseases and support better eyesight. Agate might be used to reinforce one’s strength and energy. Gems are thought to help balance and assist us on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. As a result they may help soothe, heal, and balance the equilibrium of life all at the same time.

Some gemstones might stimulate your power of creativity while another might assist in bringing joy back into your life should you be feeling depressed or sad. Some gemstones are thought to be so powerful that they can be used for healing of the nervous system and help balance brain functions. Stone healing can be used to raise one’s optimism level and uplift one’s perspective thoughts and ideas. All gemstones are not recommended for everybody. For instance if you are pregnant you wouldn’t want to work with magnetic types of gemstones. Also, it is said that some gemstones work better for certain astrological signs.

Gemstones may just be some of the oldest and wisest of healers along with flora and fauna. If you are curious and want to learn more about healing with gem stones you can learn a lot by visiting gem sites, reading books on natural healing with gems, and learn from those who have practiced using gemstones down through the ages.

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