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Healing Therapy: Why and How to Detox Your Body

Homeopaths and practitioners of alternative health know how important it is to start with a clean slate. If you visit a naturopath, chances are the first order of business will be to put you on a homeopathy and detoxification regiment which will rid your body of toxins before they begin to treat your symptoms.

More so than ever, we are exposed to a number of toxins in our water and pollution in our air, along with chemicals in our soil and food supply. These toxins build up in the system too quickly to be eliminated through our waste management organs, and the result is a back stock of toxins weeping into our blood and organs. So much so that the backlog of toxins waiting to be processed and released can build up and stay in our system for years. This back up of toxins can cause stress on the system, resulting in fatigue, eating disorders, sleep disturbances, infection and organ disease. They can also make you depressed and moody. This has been found to have been going on in your body as early as 1945 due to processed foods, but lack of exercise, inadequate nutrition, and the over use of antibiotics have contributed to the problem. Detoxing the body is an important first step in alleviating the symptoms.

Because our intestinal track is part of our immune system, they serve to trap debris and pollutants. Without regular detoxification, they can build up with toxins that can cause intestinal distress, disease, viruses and some cancers. Other organs play a part in detoxing our bodies as well. The liver, lungs, kidneys, and even our skin eliminate wastes by sweating, exhaling, and even crying. When your body can not perform its function properly, the result is bronchitis, colitis, and sinusitis, all of the inflammatory infections. This is your body turning on itself; it tries so hard to eliminate the bad stuff that it gets stuffed up in doing so. If your immune system is compromised, these elimination processes can slow or be blocked to the point where you can begin to develop cyst, polyps or tumors, which can turn cancerous.

So how to detox your body? A good solid detox program begins with water, and lots of it. You can speed along the detoxification of your system by supporting the waste management organs through drinking lots of water. The next step will be a fasting and organic herbal detoxing program-be sure to check with your physician before starting any fasting routine. This will cleanse your digestive tract and organs to where you can truly start with a clean slate. Often the cleansing process itself can reduce or eliminate whatever symptoms brought you to your naturopath in the first place.

Then you will start rebuilding your immune system and strengthen your waste management organs by eating the right foods, exercising regularly (there are many good low impact exercises-like yoga) to improve the circulatory system, and avoid ingesting toxins purposefully, like smoking or excessive alcohol intake. Homeopathy and detoxification can set you back on the path of a healthy system-a clean slate, as it were.

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