Various Bodywork Modalities Blended for a Custom Massage

Custom massages generally include ancient traditional massage therapy bodywork modalities that are combined with the latest bodywork techniques. These are also accompanied by the service of trained therapists who are always there to offer consultations that are distinctively personalized to the ailments and symptoms of their clients.

For instance it may be most beneficial that a custom body work session be completely dependent on time-tested techniques of massage, like using Reflexology charts, which can include both foot and hand massage at the same time. Reflexology massage is based on the theory that zones of the hands and feet correspond to specific areas of the body. The hands and feet are massaged and stimulated to promote balance, assist in circulation, and release tension. Another custom technique uses a total body polish that entails exfoliating with soothing shad butter. This is a wonderful method to release any kind of stress whatsoever and allows you to enjoy a period of complete relaxation. Did you know massage therapy is a growing vocation? Learning how to give a massage can open up a whole new career field for you, you can even create your own custom massages such as those you may find in specialty spa packages.

Bodywork therapy, more often than not, includes packages that combine various kinds of treatments and therapeutic modalities. After reviewing different packages you may find ones that combine Swedish massage with European facials, aroma wraps and hydrotherapy. Or perhaps you would prefer a Zen massage session combined with a facial and a polish manicure and pedicure. For a real treat there are hot stone massages which embrace ancient healing art using elements of Mother Nature to relieve tense sore joints, muscles, weary spirits and stressed emotions. Smooth heated stones are combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience. Combine that with a foot and hand massage along with a trip to the hydrotherapy tub. Some spas also provide a side by side massage facility where couples can both enjoy custom massages at the same time in the same private massage suite. When it comes to a custom massage, there are so many options to choose from.

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