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Discover Color Therapy: Cool Inflamation or Neutralize a Virus

Did you know that the healing properties of color can help an individual become more balanced on many different levels. Color therapy is becoming a popular alternative healing modality found in spas, alternative health centers, and used as a holistic approach to health and wellness.

For example, if your life is stressful the healing power of color can help you relax and move into a more stress free state of mind. Blue is a color that can promote relaxation and also help cool inflammation. Or, if you need to balance your liver or stimulate your heart you might use the color red. For overall health the color green stimulates growth because it acts as a general tonic and neutralizer.

There are several ways you can discover color therapy and incorporate the healing properties of color into your lifestyle. You may actually use color lights or gels when sitting or relaxing. Another option is to meditate on the different colors. You can also drink color charged water. For example, by drinking red water in the morning it will help you awaken and feel invigorated. At bedtime drinking indigo charged water will help you relax. Treatment by the use of color-charged water is called Hydrochromotherapy.

If you would like to learn more about the healing benefits of color, research Chromotherapy. You’ll find books, educational resources on the Internet, and information from therapists who use color therapy to help their clients achieve better overall health and wellness. You might even contact a health spa in your area for many are now incorporating light and sound therapy together for the ultimate spa experience.