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Bioenergetics: Harmonizing Therapy

The science of Bioenergetics is also known by other terms such as Bioenergetic Analysis, Bioenergetic Medicine and Bioenergetic Therapy. Bioenergetics is referred to as a harmonizing therapy that includes a number of other therapies like those involving relaxation techniques, psychotherapy and reiki or gentle touch to relieve muscle tension. It also a common term among scientists in relation to cellular energy. It is commonly believed that this therapy is very efficient in treating cancer but reports suggest that it is actually a vital relaxation method.

In a general sense, bioenergetic exercises combine the richer segments of deep breathing, psychotherapy, gentle body movements and different forms of emotional outbursts like crying and screaming. Other techniques included in this therapy include nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and other traditional Chinese medicines with a general concoction of biofeedback.

It is widely believed that the human body actually stores all the negative emotional reactions and these are released through ailments like low energy levels, poor posture, stiffness and muscle tension. This situation is referred to as a poor and incorrect physical imbalance. Therefore to correct the situation the patient must involve everything that excites the emotional health as well as that of the muscles by shouting or screaming or overdosing the muscles with exercise to the point of fatigue. This would help the body to resurrect into the perfect physical balance needed with a peaceful state of emotional level. It is also believed that Bioenergetic therapies can also provide relief from the various side effects of cancer. This is believed to provide additional strength to the body after which the body would be able to fight back against the ailment all by itself.

It is also often claimed by the Bioenergetic practitioners that they can interpret and comprehend the inbuilt language of muscle movements of the patient. These interpretations include breathing, tone of voice, muscular movements, posture and other emotional signals. According to them a bioenergetic specialist can diagnose the emotional, physical and psychological ailments of the patients. Bioenergetic Therapy believes that ailment is a part of life itself and it should be treated with factors included in the life cycles like exposure to toxins, poor diet, repressed emotions and genetic history.