Benefits of Visualization - Manifest Your Desires

The benefits of visualization first became known in the seventies and early eighties, at least that's when it became popular in the west; creative visualization to bring good things into ones life is much older than that.


How does visualization work?

First you will need to learn how to meditate and relax. You can get meditation tapes or guided meditations scripts and listen to them during a specific time that you set aside each day to practice. Some of the guided imagery and visualization scripts will take you from meditation right into creative visualization and picturing the positive things that you want to manifest into your life.

The most popular are prosperity and good physical health, but others are designed to bring an attitude of forgiveness, increased spirituality, or creativity in work.

The Practical Guide to Creative Visualization: Manifest Your Desires

"The Practical Guide to Creative Visualization: Manifest Your Desires," by Denning and Phillips is one such script book. Rather than discuss the philosophies associated with creative picturing, this guide is exactly what it claims to be; a practical guide for manifesting your desires for a better and more relaxed life.

Mental visualizations along with spiritual affirmations make this an easy to read and understand book. You will begin to put the principles into practice after the first few pages, if you so choose. You may want to read it cover to cover first to get a good idea of the exercises and the thought process involved with the steps, though.

Using affirmations to change your life really works. There are simple affirmations for prosperity such as ''My income is ever increasing" to health affirming sentences ("My body is whole and well.") to self esteem increasing affirmations designed to enable you to gain confidence and express creativity, such as the very simple "I am always safe and secure."

The simpler the affirmation, the more potent it tends to be, as simple phrases lock into our subconscious easily. The results can be amazing, and will start to manifest within around a week if the affirmations are done daily, usually in the mirror as you are getting ready for your day. You can also keep soothing affirmations on a sticky note on the dashboard of your car -- it really helps during potential incidents of road rage!

There are other benefits of visualization as well. We tend to go about the day a little more relaxed and a little less worried. Stressful situations fall into perspective, and we have better relationships with our family. Since our mental and emotional health is so closely linked with our bodies, daily affirmations help us to feel genuinely better, and that carries over into the physical as well

This practical guide will get you headed in the right direction toward a more relaxed and stress free life.

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