Guided Imagery Promotes Wellness and Healing

"Guided Imagery for Self-Healing: An Essential Resource for Anyone Seeking Wellness," by Martin L. Rossman, MD is a study using the techniques for guided imagery that he has taught to clients and counselors alike in order to better help improve one's health.

This is an updated and revised version of his original 1997 book, "Healing yourself."

The self healing techniques include several specific scripts that one can use as a guide for meditation and reflection for healing physical and emotional illness and achieving deeper forms of relaxation, the first step in beginning the healing process, and reviews range from the praise for the book as a helpful addition to therapy for multiple scoliosis and depression to finding the strength to move forward from an abusive relationship.

Many reviewers have recommended the book to friends and family and health practitioners have found it extremely helpful with treating their patients. The scripts have been reviewed as eternal, not easily stale after two or three uses. Every time one is used, it seems you will get something new out of it -- a great review for a guided imagery script.

Visualization healing taps into the mental and emotional aspects of the mind which have been largely ignored, manifesting in all sorts of physical ailments. The visualization and guided imagery taught in the book are designed to help the afflicted regain their spirituality and feelings of well being, the first step in healing your self

You will learn how to begin to explore these aspects of your mind which in turn will help speed the physical healing process not only through guided imagery, but through the learning of effective meditation techniques and relaxation exercises. This is a useful book for both practitioners of psychology working with self esteem clients, the ill, and for the avid self help reader.

Humans on the whole don't take very good care of themselves. We are always reaching for another ring on the business ladder, beating ourselves up for mistakes, both real and imagined, and basically denying the care needed to ensure a good emotional and mental stability.

By wearing this aspect of our thinking and emotions down, we become susceptible to ailments and disease. Through the visualization healing and guided imagery scripts in this book, we can begin to listen to the symptoms manifested in our bodies and connect with kindness and wisdom to the parts of ourselves that would have us whole and well.

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