Lousie Hay Affirmations, Quotes, Cards, and Online Meditations

Louise Hay Affirmations and positive thinking seminars have turned life around for so many people, it's no wonder that she was recently referred to as ''the closest thing to a living saint" by the Australian media.

Often misspelled as "Louise Haye" when being googled, Louise's website tells the story of her journey from an abused child to New York as a model, to a marriage that ended after 14 years, to her life's work helping the sick begin to heal their bodies with the power of positive thought, visualization, and affirmations.

Her first book "Heal Your Body" referred to as the little blue book and published in 1976 was expanded in 1988 and has been translated into 25 different languages in 33 countries. It was a breakthrough book discussing the connection between the body and the mind. The concept that you could "think yourself well" was pretty much unheard of at the time.

Louise Hay's biography on her website doesn't go into the negative details of her life prior to her study at the Church of Religious Science in New York, true to her philosophy of not giving credence to the less positive aspects of her early life. She prefers to concentrate on how the power of her positive self talk helped her heal a six month bout with cancer completely -- a powerful testimony to the validity of her teachings.

One of Louise Hay's healing your body tools are her very popular affirmation card decks. There are several to choose from, including the powerful forgiveness cards and affirmations for a stress free life. The 50 card deck of healing your body cards is also very popular among seminar goers.

The website also contains excellent gifts for helping people remember the power of positive thought, and a number of CD's, audio cassettes, and of course, her best selling books.

But it's not all about writing and saying affirmations. Understanding where your fear comes from takes away the power it has over you, and Louise is no stranger to that. She has written much about defining fears stemming from childhood and how to break that cycle in her books and seminars. You will not only learn the solution, you will learn why it works so well.

Published by her successful company Hayhouse, Her books, newsletters, and messages of hope are inspiring and thought provoking -- as they were intended.

There is also a link to her popular radio station.

Louise Hay affirmations have helped a tremendous amount of people; you can let her help you toward a more positive thought process, as well.

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