Treating Self Esteem Issues - I Can Do It, by Louise L Hay

Quite possibly the most work done on the psychologists couch has to do with treating self esteem issues

Self esteem is a huge part of our lives; how we feel about ourselves affects every area and can make or break our successes.

Self talk is the internal conversation that we have with ourselves daily. Most of these thoughts work well for people ("I'm doing the best that I can.") but some can tear you down, so Louise Hay has a solution to the negative self talk. Those conversations we have with ourselves in the shower ("I can't believe how stupid I am.") have a big impact on how we truly feel about ourselves and the inability to create positive self talk can lead to real unhappiness.

Self esteem coach, Louise Hay, has been writing about this issue for a long time. Her book "Treating Self Esteem Issues-I Can Do It" will teach you what affirmations are, how to use them, and why they are so important. The book comes with an audio CD of the same, so you can read the book or listen to the CD in your car.

This how to increase self esteem set will teach you the power that thought has over your life -- and how to harness that power through positive self talk. Affirmations repeated daily while looking in the mirror or used as a kind of mantra through the day will begin to change your life for the better. Before you know it, you are becoming more successful in every area of your life.

Louise Hay's affirmations cover a range of subjects. You will learn affirmations for physical health and prosperity--two of the most popular topics -- and for the more important inner peace ones as well, like forgiveness and creativity

Find out what your personal negative messages are that you send to yourself during the day and begin to learn how to change them into thoughts that work for you rather than against you. Learn about the difference between vague and specific affirmations, and why the more specific, the sooner you will begin to see changes.

With this book/CD, you can begin treating self esteem issues with the power of positive thoughts, and with the affirmations that make positive thought a part of your daily life.

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