Affirmations for Manifesting Dreams and Creating Happiness

If you began to dabble by using affirmations for manifesting dreams and decided they didn't work for you, the problem might be with the affirmation itself. Many affirmation scripts forget that the affirmations need to be said "in the now" such as "I am always safe and secure" rather than "No matter what I do, I will always be safe and secure." "Will always" implies that the desired state is coming, while the use of "I am" denotes that the desired effect is already here and working.

Touchy things, our minds; we remember typically the first thing we hear and the last thing we hear, just ask any motivational speaker who carefully plans his talk. Affirmations need to be very specific and simple. Some affirmations are too long, and you're not going to stick with something that takes a long time to memorize and say. Typically, keep them short and to the point. Here are some other examples of affirmation messages, keeping it short and sweet:

  • "I am loved."
  • "I am intelligent"
  • "My body is healthy right now."
  • "My mind and heart are strong."
  • "Today, I am healed."

These are examples of self esteem and healing affirmations, and also success affirmations:

  • "My income is ever increasing"
  • "I have everything I need"
  • "I am successful at everything I do."

Pretty powerful, aren't they?

"Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness"

Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness, by Ann Marie Evers is a good book for discerning the difference between wishful thinking and straightforward affirmations which can really manifest happiness and success in your life.

This book contains inspiring thoughts and stories to help with your affirmations for personal growth, whether it be on a monetary, spiritual, or physical health plane.

The simple exercises teach you to be responsible for your own success and happiness, and gives step by step guidelines on how to do it in an easy to read and follow format.

Learn how to become more positive in your personal and business relationships, become confident about finding that new job, increase your self esteem, and even overcome debilitating phobias that have kept you from enjoying life with this book. The benefits of visualization are sure to inspire and give support in your journey.

The affirmations for manifesting dreams are real, so don't give up, simply try again.

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