The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones by Cassandra Eason

Do you have a lucky ring or necklace?

A good luck charm that, when you wear it, you feel as if everything will work out?

These pieces of affirmation jewelry have been around for centuries, and the modern version of the age old "talisman" has recently exploded on the new age scene as very popular jewelry.

The talisman was jewelry -- usually a necklace but sometimes a ring -- that people used to focus their energy and ward off or bring on luck, bad or good.

Affirmation charms, or jewelry are now typically necklaces with a stone attached. Each stone represents an idea that you want to manifest in your life. Most of the ones used today are quartz, sold in the new age stores as a part of crystal healing. Their energy can help you keep grounded, bring you peace of mind, or ward off specific bad energy, such as wearing tiger's eye to a litigation hearing to help you win.

The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones by Cassandra Eason is a guide book to help you choose the best healing gemstone for your needs, although proponents of gemstone healing will tell you to choose your first one by running your hand over a bowl with several different kinds of stones in it, stopping over and choosing the one that you are drawn too

After all, our bodies know better then we do what we need. When you are ready to get more specific, here are some of the stones that can be found in the book with their meanings and the proper affirmation to go with it:

Quartz crystal represents idealism toward higher planes of knowledge and over all well being. The most popular of these is the clear crystal, but quartz comes in many forms-agate, jasper, and obsidian, just to name a few. Individual quartz has its own healing properties for specific ailments. An affirmation to go with this might be:

  • ''I am increasing my plane of being."

Magnesium strengthens the liver and the heart (anything to do with blood flow or cleansing) Use Almandine or ruby to relieve cramps and increase circulation.

The aluminum in gemstones is associated with the planet Neptune and is used as a healing gemstone for digestion and degenerative diseases. Aluminum can be found in turquoise, sapphire, moonstone, and ruby. A powerful affirmation to go with your aluminum based gemstone is:

  • ''Today, I am healed."

For those who tend to get emotional easily, such as when detoxing from substance abuse or during cleansing, calcium is one of the best gemstones. You should take calcium supplements anyway, but this kind of calcium is for your spirit. It can be found in pearls. (Dolomite is good if you don't have a pearl necklace!)

These are just some of the 150 stones and crystals outlined in the book. It is an excellent reference guide; however some reviews have complained that the book does not provide resources for purchasing the stones.

That's an easy fix. Most beaded jewelry supply stores have many of the stones listed, and you can always type "gemstones meaning" into your search engine. The bead supply stores also carry the affirmation rings for the very visual; these are small disks which have nothing to do with gemstones, but look kind of cool. They have words written on them such as "Faith," "Hope", and "Recovery," but we like the traditional healing gemstones in Eason's book.

You can put your own energy into your affirmation jewelry and then you know exactly what energy and healing powers are contained in it before you wear it. So have fun creating your own affirmation necklaces, earings, pendants and bracelets. Or whatever affirmation stones you wish to incorporate into your jewelry.

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